Utility Bill Analysis

Utility Bill

Many times at the beginning of our search for savings, BMI will initially look at a client’s utility bills. This can help identify if there are any available savings on the Supply or Demand side of their energy costs. The Supply Side savings would be based on what our clients are paying to purchase their energy. The Demand Side has to do with reducing costs associated with energy usage.

BMI will focus on identifying where and how a client is spending their energy dollars and where hard savings can be generated. Utility Bill analysis can be done with low up front costs or through shared savings, which may well pay for any future energy improvements.

We start with a single copy of a utility bill from each energy supplier. If we see potential savings, we can look further at a years worth of bill data. We breakdown each bill and put the information into a spreadsheet. This data will be analyzed and a report generated to show actual and projected cost reductions.

Based on our 30 years of experience, we typically find savings in a range from 2.5% – 10% or more.