Belham Management Industries, Inc., (BMI Energy) was founded in 1979 as a service and maintenance organization for Energy and Facility Management Systems. As our company grew and developed, we became proficient in the areas of Energy Auditing, Utility Rate Analysis, and Building Control System Application, Design, Engineering, Installation and Support. Our professional and technical people have developed their knowledge and expertise through years of experience in the industry.

Over the past 30+ years, we have installed and/or maintained Control Systems across the country. We offer a variety of Systems, which differ in their intricacy and design. After a thorough analysis of a site, if a Control System is recommended, a system which best meets the needs of the application is selected. We engineer different types of systems to meet different applications such as Lighting, Boiler, Chiller, Air Handling Unit, Roof Top DX, Refrigeration, and kW Demand Control. Our strategy is to translate our customer’s needs into a building management solution, resulting in improved comfort and efficiency.

Our knowledge of utility rate structures led us into the arena of Utility Auditing and Rate to Profile comparisons. We provide our clients with data on how their facilities were and are operating and how various utility rate structures would and could affect their costs. Many times, we discover that simply changing day to day operations of the facility would be of benefit. Other times we find the facility’s usage and profile has changed since the current rate structure, was adopted and that the client would benefit by changing to a new rate structure. On numerous occasions, we have discovered discrepancies in billing that have resulted in refunds to the client.

In 1985 we became associated with the “Association of Energy Engineers” becoming certified in Energy Auditing and Engineering. Our arena of services was expanded to full Energy Audits and Surveys. BMI was instrumental in starting a local chapter of the “Association of Energy Engineers” with Harry Hamelink, our principal, serving as president elects for the year 1993-94 and as president for 1995-96. Mary Stewart Duffy, BMI’s Vice president of Operations, served this organization as president elect for 1998-99 and as president for 2000-01. Due to our vast knowledge of various building audits and data collection, we were asked to present our approaches and philosophies as part of North Carolina State University Energy Management Diploma Curriculum from 1991-1993.

Through our remote monitoring service center, we receive alarms from Energy Control systems on equipment failure and other critical information, and are therefore able to respond quickly to problems and alert personnel before the situation gets out of control and becomes costly. Schedule changes are made as the site hours of operations change, seasonal reviews of the environmental equipment are performed, and site energy usage and rates are reviewed. Our technical personnel become partners in each and every facility working closely with the owners and on-site mechanics to assist them in their troubleshooting, and answer any questions that might arise.

Due to our extensive knowledge of building usage rate and profiles, we are now reviewing, on a monthly basis, for over 350 physical locations. Our services to these clients start with ensuring that usage and/or billings are in line and within budgets, while also aggressively investigating sites that show patterns not within expectations.

Service continues to be the basic foundation of our company. We strive to ensure a long term relationship with our clients, be it with any service we offer such as Site Auditing, Rate and Utility Auditing or Energy Management System design and installation. For instance, once we have engineered and installed a Building Control System, we continuously monitor and alter the strategy until the desired environmental criteria are achieved. Throughout the year, we analyze each site to insure that mechanical equipment is operational, setpoints are correct, and that the building is operating efficiently.

Today we feel we offer a complete package of service to our clients. Our vast exposure to various applications and situations allows us to offer from simple to complex corrective measures for excessive energy usage and costs.

If we can become your partner in conservation, please feel free to give us a call.