Team Approach

BMI Energy is an energy engineering company that supplies energy related services by Certified Energy Managers and technically trained personnel.

The BMI Team Approach focuses on BMI integrating our energy engineers and technical support personnel, with our client’s organization. This approach fosters better communications and a deeper understanding of our customers needs. This helps us to provide the client with the best recommendations and results at the lowest cost. BMI Energy’s objective is to act as if we were a part of our client’s organization, by acting as their advocate to provide continuous cost reduction and improvement.

Teamwork is extended to anyone doing energy and maintenance related work for our clients. An example is when we are monitoring a building and a mechanical contractor is needed. We will work with the company that is contracted to do the work, assist them in finding and fixing the issue, and then verifying the problem is repaired before they leave the building. This saves time and money, but more importantly the problem is solved.