Industries Served

BMI has successfully reduced utilities usage and costs in many operations such as retail, food service, property management, financial, airports, data communications, education, grocery stores, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, government and manufacturing.

A majority of our clients have operations in multiple locations, which is a challenge to corporate facilities/energy managers charged with controlling utilities over the enterprise. BMI will bring resources to the table that will increase the effectiveness of utilities management across all locations. This will result in a sustainable and scalable operation that will flex as the economy fluctuates over the long term.

Our first focus will be to identify baseline usage for your operation and to get to know your operation better. This is typically accomplished through turn-key services such as: Utility Bill Analysis, Site Surveys, or targeted Energy Audits. Once this data is collected and processed, we can work with you to set goals for utilities usage and gauge the efforts that will be needed to achieve these goals.

Once the goals are established, BMI provides a continuous program for system performance and ongoing cost reduction. Our energy managers will typically utilize technology such as Energy Management Systems to achieve these goals and drive down costs. These systems coupled with our monitoring services also assist with policy enforcement and operational feedback.

We look forward to learning about your company and working with you toward further success. 
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