Whether it is a QSR (quick service restaurant) or a large full service restaurant, BMI Energy understands how the high cost of energy can hurt a restaurant’s bottom line. Energy and maintenance are the third highest cost for a restaurant, after labor and food. Restaurants have about the highest cost per square foot for energy of any business in america.

Most restaurants do an excellent job of scheduling their work staff to ensure great service at the lowest cost and managing the cost and inventory of all aspects of buying and preparing the food sold. However, energy cost reduction is treated as something that they have little control over, except to tell the employees to turn things off when they can. The workers are hired and trained to cook and serve the customers and energy management is not their focus, so it falls through the cracks.

Energy cost can be reduced by as much as 12% to 25% or more, by lowering the cost of purchasing and managing the use of electricity and gas in a restaurant. BMI looks at a client’s utility bill to insure they are on the correct rate and looks to see if there is a lower cost supplier for utilities in their area. BMI can identify how to lower the use of energy, how to automate and monitor it, to ensure continuous savings are achieved, without always depending on the employees to do everything right.

An energy management program can have a major impact on maintenance, since these areas go hand in hand. The cost to purchase and maintain HVAC and cooking equipment is lowered, when their life is extended by reduced usage and monitored for problems that can be corrected before its too late.

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