Data Communications

Data Communications

Telephone and Data Communication Centers have responsibility for providing 24/7 service to a vast number of customers, every day without fail. The lifeblood of this industry is energy. No one uses more energy per square foot than the communication industry. Therefore, dependable, low cost energy is a must.

BMI Energy makes sure that the energy is purchased at the best rate available and stays on top of any rate changes that could hurt or benefit our clients. BMI identifies utility suppliers that can provide energy at a lower cost per kWh, in deregulated states, by negotiating with all utilities suppliers in each customer’s location. The communication industry is an attractive customer, because they use large amounts of energy at predictive levels and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This benefits the energy supplier because this industry is using power when other companies are using less.

BMI will track all of the locations to determine if there are any abnormalities in energy use, in same type locations, or against the history of usage. These situations may only need a phone call to the location or it may mean an in-depth energy audit is needed to understand why costs are higher than normal.

Monitoring of these communication buildings and the equipment will provide data that will assist in planning for future maintenance or upgrading of the equipment in use.

Contact BMI Energy if you need us to review your utility bills or do an energy audit of a building that you feel may be using more energy than budgeted.