BMI Energy Management Services

BMI is an Energy Management Company, offering an array of services, thus allowing us to function as a client’s full service energy management resource.

Some of our clients have chosen to use BMI as an extension to their company. We can be valuable since our business focus is on energy and our client’s focus is on their products and services.

BMI Energy offers Energy Management & Cost Reduction Programs to our clients that encompass all of our energy engineering services. Here are some of the services that we can provide:

  • Utility Bill Analysis – analysis of the utility bills to ensure the most cost effective utility rate possible.
  • Energy Audits – Identification of where and how power is being used in a building.
  • Energy Management Systems – Design, Installation, and Commissioning of a monitoring energy control system for energy using assets.
  • Operations Monitoring – Monitoring and analysis of current operations. You can’t manage energy, if you don’t monitor it.
  • Operational Resources – Assistance with Budgeting, Project Management, Energy Marketing and our client’s Corporate Policy & Goals.

Ongoing Services

Many of these services provide continuous cost reduction and performance improvements. Each of these services is listed in a logical sequence, showing how they inter-relate to each other. This listing reveals how each service may be used in a Total Energy Management Program and reflects how a long term relationship will evolve. BMI Energy will focus on one, some or all of these services to help you.

Managing Energy – Maintaining Relationships